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Jinbao power of corporate culture
1, the top talent
"Talent is the largest gold guarantee supply real property." Quality of staff is the single most important source of productivity, employment smartest 5 percent, the keyword here is clever, but not knowledge the interview process is very dense and tough. It does not guarantee that all eligible people have been hired, but it is difficult to ensure that unqualified people were hired, all employees have a common personality characteristics: sensitive, intelligent, passionate and rich offensive.
2, constructive and Commander
Speak bluntly idea. Does not encourage Machiavellian and diplomatic language, intense debate and controversy will happen every day, everyone must have been in the best condition, do not work to escape the harsh criticism, not just complain about the problem and not the solution while building all project-related the documents are stored on a public server. Project group anyone can query and review performance appraisal system is relative. The same group of employees compete with each other. Divided by a fixed percentage rate of the pros and cons, Jinbao power is a very demanding company, there are many harsh and sharp vision of man. Thin-skinned people can hardly survive.
3, always in a state of war
Keep in mind the hype, once mastered the market, that sees itself as a rival - continue to introduce new products for the market absolute control over, each employee clearly the main goal is to win 100% market share, but also the pursuit of profit rather small increase market share, employment and promotion campaign rather than seek temporary ease the courage of people every day in the battle, combat meetings - once a day, the Operational Command - the key decision-makers, commando - perform urgent tasks, programs BUG fatal in less than one day inner resolve.
4, mobile and efficient organizational structure
SMIT small project group is made up of many small independent operation of the project, each task force is responsible for all aspects of a product from planning, research and development, to marketing.
Project Share, mainly through e-mail, project sites, white papers and display presentation.
On issues across projects by various groups to send representatives to discuss issues from a strong manager and cohesive senior management team to guide the separate task force to make the overall strategic plan is consistent with the company's objectives. When the major version is released, when the formation of new product ideas, quickly determine the failed project.
5, qualified competent and wise management
Not just one supervisor, director of Jin-Bao power fully understand the work done by his staff, the staff will not respect those who are not capable of doing the work of their supervisor, you might just as competent and as good as the people you manage, weekly and you report directly to the one who opened the meeting, write weekly progress reports, including the main issues and risks, weekly plenary panel meeting to discuss project progress, performance appraisals every six months, and with the job promotion, warrants, bonuses and salary increases linked to the range of employees within each company in charge of the evaluation feedback, no timesheets, no fixed working hours, long working hours is our common phenomena, including senior executives.
6, self-criticism and learning systems
Early identification of failures, failure is forgivable short time, but delays are not allowed to fail. The main risk factors related to the project should always be included in the project progress reports. Will not easily give up serious problems to find a way to promptly report the problem and not the solution proposed is unacceptable. Immediately after completion of the project evaluation summary will summarize lessons learned in order to improve the next project.
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