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Daily Care and Maintenance SBW regulator

We often find SBW regulator failure is largely due to improper maintenance of our cause, and even the majority of users SBW regulator never been serviced. Obviously, this is wrong. SBW regulator is the same with other devices, like we usually require conservation work. Here Xiaobian summed up the points we can inspire hope.
SBW regulator uses the process to work regular visits to the state regulator, check compensation transformer, contact voltage regulator of temperature is normal, the load current exceeds the rated value, input, output voltage is within the scope of the requirements. Whether the regulator system and rotation mechanism (including rotating chains, sprockets, gear rotation system) is working properly, whether the brush holder in a plane, contact is good, more than a series of questions to ensure that the regulator is to ensure the normal operation of the premise, as found similar problems to deal with in a timely manner, so as to avoid damage to the equipment, it is recommended every three months to make a maintenance SBW regulator, maintenance include:
(1) SBW regulator put into use before running condition;
(2) shall not exceed the permitted load current value;
(3) Input voltage is within the permitted range, the output voltage instability should be checked (see the cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting) immediately.
(4) SBW regulator no independent phase control and regulation functions, unbalanced input voltage will appear at the output terminal;
(5) Under normal conditions of use, SBW regulator can be long-term operation at rated load;
(6) during normal operation does not require special guardian;
(7) Depending on the use of the environment, maintenance cycle is also quite different, but the longest time should not exceed six months, to maintain the chip should be carried out in case of power failure.
SBW regulator maintenance includes:
★ completely remove all parts of SBW regulator dust and dirt, especially brush contacts the exposed part of the regulator (slide), the brushes slide rail and variable transmission mechanism must be used (gasoline) or cotton cleaned;
★ change worn or broken brush card;
★ existing fault or damaged components must be repaired or replaced;
★ After a period of time is generally 2-3 months a contact voltage regulator should be adjusted to the extent of the gap or the chain tension screw so that the slide freely.
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