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The basic principle and structure of the regulator

1, the regulator basic principles:
Adjustable regulator belongs autotransformers structure, by means of the regulator hand wheel spindle brushes and the brush holder role. On the toroidal uniformly coiled, brushes under spring pressure in close agreement with the polished surface of the coil, the rotation shaft driven brush holder, so that the carbon brushes slide along the coil surface, change the carbon brush contact position that change primary and secondary winding turns ratio of the output voltage to obtain a smooth stepless adjustment within the adjustment range, so as to achieve the purpose of the regulator.
2, the regulator main structure:
A, single-phase unit structure 0.5KVA ~ 10KVA regulator is regulating cell structure, an upper end with a polished surface coil fixed certain width on the base, the contact group brushes under spring pressure and coil mill light surface close match, turn the hand wheel to drive in polished surface coil Brush slide the regulator, the regulator is usually a desktop unit, outside with protective ventilation extranet.
B, single-phase assembly structure, a single-phase high-capacity regulator is assembled from several units from the same size, the contact brushes each unit assembled on the same shaft. Coil input terminal and an output terminal connected to the connection balance reactor, in order to balance the unit between the current distribution and inhibit circulation.
C, three-phase assembly structure: three-phase voltage regulator is assembled from three identical specifications of the unit from the winding shaft connection into a star.
D, brushless structure: 3KVA and below the unit regulator, using 1 to 2 copper graphite brushes and good heat dissipation metal brush holder, 4KVA and more units regulator, the use of two copper-graphite composite brushes, Brush the contact group's fixed platen in the upper end of the coil to limit its axial position while the locking screws and the spindle, if necessary disassembly, spindle or the need to swap the regulator bottom of the extended spindle, loosen the screw, then It can be.
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