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Laser cutting machine for Regulators
KPL regulator is Jinbao power two proprietary products, the most professional talent and leading-edge technology research and development production of an industrial-grade three-phase sub-tone automatic exchange regulator, to the noble appearance of new technology, stable and reliable design principles, humane regulation system and installation panel, durable quality, intuitive and easy to install and operate, they are widely used by entrepreneurs import sophisticated equipment, textile equipment, medical equipment, laser equipment, woodworking equipment, aviation equipment, printing equipment and other fields.
Voltage range 380V±15% (Or Customized) Seismic coefficient 0.3G
Output Accuracy 380V±1% Seismic coefficient... >8mm
working frequency 50/60Hz Ground Resistance ≤0.1Ω
Use efficiency ≥98% Coil temperature Class H 180 ℃
Application time <0.05min Insulation resistance Coil-to-ground ≥100MΩ
Overload capacity 150% (60min) 300% (10min) cooling method Forced air-cooled heat
Waveform distortion Sine wave distortion Equipment noise Full load ≤55dB (1M device at a distance)
working environment Temperature (-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃) and humidity (0 to 90%) Insulation voltage Coil conductor 2500V 60S (≤10Ma)
1, the instrument panel design
Anti voltmeter panel display, visual easy, accurate readings.
2, ultra-capacity, overload capability
This product can do a 00% load continuous use and can withstand instantaneous inductive loads, will not cause a voltage drop, it will not damage the device and reduce the service life.
3, separate regulator design
When the input mains phase unbalance, heavy load or when the non-linear power supply, this three-phase voltage regulator output voltage can maintain balance, ensure that the output voltage is pure precision.
4, to adapt to harsh environments
Interior fittings completely modular design, all components using a wide range of safe and efficient industrial-grade combination of parts that can withstand harsh temperature, humidity, vibration and contamination of the environment.
5, the protection function
Regulators have a separate internal detection output voltage is too low, too high circuit, while the upper and lower limits set by the equipment load characteristics, when the output voltage is too low or too high, the regulator will automatically cut off the output power to protect the load .
6, safety box design phase
Panel display concealed to prevent transit damage due to collision and display panel protection; Concealed air at the beginning, to avoid the beginning of the traditional air exposed to the outside of the chassis, resulting in careless touch switch caused by a power failure or damage to the load equipment online.
7, the output automatically delay function
When electric power or power outage longer cover, this regulator will stabilize after the output voltage to ensure that all does not produce a high voltage output in any case, in order to protect the load equipment from damage.
8, the appearance of beautiful and practical
Chassis with high toughness steel plate, CNC sheet metal processing, beautiful appearance, with environmental protection concept, small footprint, mobile with brake casters for easy mobile installation.





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